baci :: \ba'╩ži\ :: "bah-chee" :: italian for kisses

Baci Designer is a bespoke stationery and event design boutique based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Drawing from a love of style and a passion for making all things beautiful, Baci is dedicated to making unique visions come to life.

Stationery design is available worldwide.  We are also available for travel to book our styling services.  As a boutique style business, we take on a small number of events each year in order to fully dedicate our business selves to our clients.

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| Meet our staff! |

| Amanda | Founder, Stationery and Event Designer
:: Certified Wedding and Event Planner ::
Amanda loves seeing her clients' faces and hearing their excitement when they see their designs and events for the first time - it's truly what makes her love her job!  In her down time, she loves watching TV and movies with hubby Ilario, chasing their young son around the house and playing with the fuzzy monster that is their cat Morris :o)

Hometown:  Sherwood, Ohio
College + Degree:  Kent State University - Advertising + Marketing with lots of coursework in Writing and Fashion Design
Favorite Colors:  Purple and Pale Peach
A movie that makes her cry:  When I need a good cry I watch the late '90's chick flick Message In a Bottle (love Kevin Costner!).
Favorite Food:  strawberries and biscuits (not necessarily together, lol!)
Most loved part of a wedding:  I love standing in the back of the church once the ceremony is under way - the evidence of joy between the couple is amazing!
Adored current wedding trend:  Personalization!  When Ilario and I were married in 2007 we made sure our day reflected us and I've forever grateful we did!
Little known fact:  I cheered in the 2000 Citrus Bowl Half Time Show (and I'm incredibly happy that the video is not online).

Skype: bacidesigner

| Jami | Assistant Event Designer
Jami loves being part of her sister’s business, she has an amazing time thinking of ideas for the blog and getting to interact with clients at events. She loves weddings! In her free time (which isn’t that often because including being a part of Baci, she has 4 jobs!) she enjoys playing catch up with her husband, working on her love of photography and spending time with her family.

Hometown: Sherwood, Ohio
College + Degree:  Spring Arbor University in Michigan - Sociology
Favorite Music:  Country!
Favorite Color:  Purple
What makes me smile:  Being with family and friends, I have a great support system!!
Most loved part of a wedding:  Creativity!! I love seeing what people can do with items and how they make it their own!
Adored current wedding trend:  Candy Bars….Cookies Bars…Dessert Bars
Little known fact:  I can not sit still, I fidget all the time!!

| Ilario | Head of Technology, Event Design Set Up Staff
Ilario loves seeing his wife operate a business in a field she truly adores. The care and expertise she gives to her clients is second to none. The happiness of Amanda and her clients is what gives him strength and joy.

Hometown:  Tallmadge, Ohio 
College + Degree:  Kent State University - Education - 7-12 Social Studies + Master's - School Counseling 
Favorite Color:  Depends on what we are coloring
A Movie:  Yes, please 
Favorite Food:  Angel Hair Spaghetti 
Most loved part of a wedding:  Watching the groom as he sees his new bride for the first time. The best moment, hands down, as a groom and coordinator 
Adored current wedding trend:  Getaway cars rather than limos 
Little known fact:  N*Sync dance ... Don't ask 

Skype:  ilario.cursaro

| Caitlin | Assistant Event Designer
Hometown:  Stow, Ohio
College + Degree:  Wilmington College, Bachelors of Science in Psychology 
A move that makes her cry:  Ghost, yes, I know I'm a sap but who doesn't love Patrick Swayze?!
Favorite Music:  Country!
Favorite Food:  Ice cream!  Cold Stone's dark chocolate with strawberries and graham crackers to be specific.
Most loved part of a wedding:  The father/daughter reveal!  I'm such a daddy's girl, those moments make me tear up every time.
Adored current wedding trend:  Mixing and matching!  I love brides who keep you guessing by having their bridesmaids in different dresses and even doing a couple different centerpieces!  It brings personality to a wedding instead of being so uniform.
Little known fact:  I am a Kappa Delta!

{Images by Hunter PhotographicArielle Doneson Photography and Monotography}