VOTING DIRECTIONS - The Knot's 2nd Annual Real Wedding Awards

It isn't the easiest thing in the world to vote for Erin & Marshall's Lakeside Wedding on The Knot's 2nd Annual Real Wedding Awards so the ALWAYS AMAZING Erin created directions to help:

1. Create a log in here. If you already have a log in for The Knot it won't work so create a new one just for this under "Share Your Comments".

2. Search for Erin and Marshall's Wedding. There is a brown bar near the top-middle portion of the page and a little search box all the way to the right of the page. Search for "Cursaro" - if you search for Erin, Marshall, or Lakeside Wedding, you get a billion weddings, Cursaro narrows it down to only their wedding.

3. Now you can view Erin & Marshall's Lakeside wedding (finally, right?!?!?) :)

4. Here's where it really counts - make sure to vote that you think these are the best photos by clicking YES in the pale orange box! Also, click on the number of hearts you think the wedding deserves - so if you love it (which how can you not?!?!), please click on the 5th heart so it will be among the highest rated!

You can get directly to the page here, but finding it again once you create a log-in is difficult without following the steps above.

Please feel free to pass these directions along to friends and family as well as post them wherever you'd like - blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.! Thank you in advance for your help :)

Thanks so much Erin!

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