Kari & Jon - 06.20.09

I have officially deemed this week "Real Wedding (& Engagement Party) Week" - Ilario and I have attended several of our friend's weddings in the past month and I thought I would share some of my favorite details that I have loved along the way. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will each feature a recent wedding then Thursday you'll have your chance to check out all of the rockin' details from Jess & Glenn's Engagement Party that my husband and I threw at our home this weekend. On Friday, I'll pick back up with my "Wish List" posts. I hope you enjoy these creative details!!

The first wedding we attended in June was Kari & Jon's at the beautiful Calvary Chapel in Massillon, Ohio followed by a fun reception in Navarre. I met Kari in college waitressing at the Tallmadge Firehouse Pub & Grille. We instantly bonded even though Kari is very sweet and reserved (I'm sweet, just not too reserved - lol!!) - I even coerced her into Kegs & Eggs one Saint Patrick's Day morning in 2005 where she enjoyed her first ever shot of tequila (at 6 AM!!).

Oh yes, that's Kari and I circa 2005 on Saint Patty's Day!

Kari has a million dollar smile that makes you grin just thinking about it. So when I saw that Kari and Jon had two of their engagement photos turned into cute little photos cards that were placed at each seat for guests to take home I absolutely loved it! What a fabulous idea to commemorate your special day!


  1. I like your photos of our favors :) (We actually had 3 different shots made into favors!) Love you!


  2. Oops - must have missed one :) Lol!