A little bit of Tradition---Continued

I recently did a post about traditions when it comes to weddings and I shared a few classic and family traditions that people may be familiar with. However, I promised I'd let you in on a few wedding traditions my family has started.

As most of you know already, my sister, Amanda, also the owner of baci designer stationery + events, got married what will be 4 years ago in October. As her own wedding planner, she had many great ideas. She also had many ideas that came from traditions on her and her husband's side. One tradition that was brought upon by her husband's side was a cookie bar--all the Aunts made different cookies and they were displayed at the wedding reception to eat (which is a type of Italian tradition). As my wedding planning began, my mother told me that the cookie bar is something she would like to keep going in our family now and I could not have agreed more! I simply loved this idea. Unfortunately our brother Andy has no choice when his time comes--which hopefully will not be until he turns 80 :)

Photo by Brandy J Photography of Amanda's Cookie Bar

Another tradition that was started with my sister is having a rosary in the bouquet. I believe that bouquets are beautiful by themselves, but even MORE beautiful with a rosary, it just adds a touch of something. Amanda used my Grandma's rosary. My cousin, Casey, also had a rosary in her bouquet. The one she carried was our Grandpa's. So I am excited to carry this tradition on. I have not decided whose or what rosary I would like to use, but I am sure our readers will find out eventually!!

Photo of Casey's Bridal Bouquet

I know this next one may not be much of a tradition to anyone else and it does not pertain to the wedding itself. However, a tradition the Guilford side of our Family has started is taking a picture of all the granddaughters (that are present) with Grandma at the reception (however, only girls have ever gotten married yet--so I'm not sure what will happen when one of the boys gets married, ha). This tradition started at my cousin, Kate's wedding and continued through Amanda and Casey's as well.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed finding out a few traditions I will be carrying on, feel free to let us in on some of your favorite traditions!!

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