One Day in December {I Feel Lucky}

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I've been struggling with what to write about for my One Day in December post and seeing the ladies before me (Shannon, Cris and Layla) be so open, honest and strong has made me want to follow suite.

Mr. Deeds was on television last night.  If you haven't seen it, it's about a small town guy who receives a large sum of money from his uncle.  Towards the end of the movie, Deeds (Adam Sandler) asks a large group of rich investors what they wanted to be when they were little - the answers range from a veterinarian to ping pong champion ;o)  It got me thinking back to when I was little. . . I remember drawing a three-paned photo with what I wanted to be when I grew up - a teacher, a mom and a model.  I've faced the fact that the last one is pretty far fetched - lol, but I was able to accomplish both of others this year and I feel so truly lucky.

The biggest highlight of our lives came on Valentine's Day this year when I found out I was pregnant.  We just knew this was going to be one ornery baby because it was due on our four-year anniversary and had been conceived during one of the worst snow storms we had ever lived through. . . we envisioned telling our little man or lady all about it as they grew up.  Then the worst moment of our lives happened just two weeks later - I began bleeding.  After two more weeks of many up and down emotions, our fears were confirmed on March 10th - our baby would not be born.

Miscarrying is such a traumatic experience and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, not even my worst enemy.  But you want to know what got me through it all?  First my amazing husband who put his arm around me at the doctor's office that day only for me to say that his being nice was going to make me cry. . . so he removed it and punched me in the arm!  It was ridiculously hysterical and exactly what we needed at that very moment.  He was so supportive, loving and caring throughout the whole process and I could never thank him enough for being my rock.  I also took comfort in the amazing stories from women who had been there.  Miscarriage is a very taboo thing most people don't discuss, but I truly think sharing your emotions and stories is the best way to heal.  It's such a common occurrence and if people discussed it more openly and honestly I feel that it would be incredibly beneficial to women everywhere.  The third thing that got me through the months of blood tests (my hormones stuck around until early May - not cool!) and incredible emotional and physical pain?  Pretty Little Liars.  I may have watched the entire first season (24 episodes!) during those few months - it was the perfect show to get my mind off things.

I realized throughout all of this that God really has it figured out because as soon as I was back at it and healthy again my business exploded - one of the best highlights you could ask for as a small business owner ;o)  In 2011, I designed stationery suites for 12 weddings (including my first letterpress job - yay!) and was lucky enough to coordinate 5 of those as well.  These numbers far surpassed anything I had done in the few years prior and it kept me incredibly busy.  I also was so blessed to become a member of TWIPS - something that I truly feel has changed me both personally and professionally for the better!  I have become close with so many amazing and inspiring women from all over the world.  I've even been lucky enough to work with several of them throughout the year :o)

Centerpiece from the Dennis Wedding this September {Image by Ace of Images}
This September I was also able to fulfill another dream - teaching.  I facilitated a Wedding and Event Planning class at a local university to other aspiring planners.  In doing so, I met another great group of women and they light up my life on a very regular basis!  It is so amazing to give back and I plan to continue on this path because it's incredibly rewarding.  The month of September also brought along something (actually someone) that I never could have imagined - I put out a call for interns and it generated a lot of interest.  It was seriously strange to think people wanted to work for me - very surreal, lol!  I was lucky enough to find hands down the best intern a girl could ask for - Caroline!  We always joke that we're the same person - we design the same, think the same and share a serious love for cheese ;o)  I'm very happy to announce that after her graduation (at the end of this week - Congrats, Lady!!) she will officially be joining the baci team as an Assistant Designer!

Me with the ladies of my Wedding and Event Planning Class!
One of the best things I got to be a part of this year was watching my baby sister get married!  Helping her plan her big day and watching her write about the process here on baci's blog was amazing.  She's grown up to be a truly wonderful young woman and I feel so proud to call her my sister.  I honestly can't wait to share all the gorgeous photos and fabulous moments during their wedding. . . that will have to wait for later though ;o)

So throughout this year, I've become a mother, even if just for a short while I was able to feel the presence of our little one and experience the joy of pregnancy.  No matter what the future brings, I can take comfort in knowing I was blessed with those two months.  I also grew my business, became a part of a wonderful organization, fulfilled a dream of teaching, gained an intern (and a great friend!) and welcomed a new brother into our family. . . I couldn't possibly feel anything other than lucky!

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  1. Amazing post. I loved reading about your year - the good, the not so good, everything. And your hubby punching you....how sweet. Ha.

  2. You never know what life with hit with you next. I've had a few friends that have had miscarriages and no matter what, it's hard. We haven't started trying yet and I get scared of that happening, but know that I'll have support no matter what. Super excited to see pictures of your sis wedding soon!!!

  3. I can't say I don't have a few tears in my eyes right now! Beautiful post. I agree, I think it would be incredibly beneficial to share your struggles with women who might be feeling very alone with their own. I commend you not only for sharing but for your amazingly positive outlook despite dealing with something so hard.

  4. So touching, thanks for sharing and congrats on all of your amazing accomplishments!

  5. Love is getting through the good & the bad things together, thank you for sharing your story and being such an inspiration to always look at the positives xx

  6. Thank you all so much for your sweet, sweet words - it means the world to me :o)

  7. This was truly a beautiful post!! I have been in your shoes before, having had three miscarriages. It's never easy. Having someone to comfort you during the good, the bad, and especially the ugly, is a wonderful thing!! God always know what's best and the right time...I'm happy for you, your business, and soon to be Assistant. Looks like 2012 will be an amazing year and I look forward to seeing it unfold.

  8. Thank you for sharing this sometimes its one of those subjects that gets kinda smoothed over, and I love how humour got you through. Inspirational

  9. Oh Sister, how I love you!!!

  10. Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I hope that 2012 is filled with blessings for you and your family!