Handpicked - Bridesmaid Gifts

If any brides are reading this, you are probably just like me and once you picked your bridesmaids you started looking for their gifts. I have been trying to find something perfect for the past few months now and I think I have nine amazing choices to pick from!

1) Ribbon Heart Keepsake Box on thingsremembered.com, $19.99 - This is a classic gift for any bridesmaid.
2) Silver Plated Brush Textured Calla Bead with a Blue Quartz Drop Earrings on etsy.com, $21 - You could choose any beautiful jewelry for your bridesmaid.
3) Purifying Back Treatment on thinkindigo.com, $55 - I would be happy with this gift!!
4) Bridesmaid clutch on etsy.com, $55 - I just love these and think they are perfect. As my sister said, "Who needs a bouquet to carry when you could have a beautiful clutch instead!"
5) Silver Beaded Hinged Frame on thingsremembered.com, $29.99
6) 2-piece Cosmetic Set on goweddinggifts.com, $29.99
7) Windwhistle Vintners Cuvee Merlot on winecountrygiftbaskets.com, $39.95
8) Personalized Flip Flops on goweddinggifts.com, $21.99- If you knew my bridesmaids, you would understand why I picked these :-)
9) Olive Garden gift card on olivegarden.com, $50

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