Wedding Wednesday | Bridesmaid Dress

One of the items on my "To Do" list for my wedding was to find a bridesmaid dress. I have been searching for months to find a beautiful dress for my six best friends!! Whenever I went wedding dress shopping, I would make one of the girls try on bridesmaid dresses. The conclusion from that was to order long dresses because I have some tall girls and there were TONS of dresses with LARGE slits up the back (oh ya, you could see a lot more than what you bargained for). Long dresses make the wedding look more sophisticated and Eric suggested long dresses, too (which was what I was going to do if Eric actually added his input--duh).

After I finally found my wedding dress, the bridesmaid dress shopping kind of came to a hault because of everyone's different schedules. However, I started looking online and my sister suggested getting our dresses through NetBride because that is where she had gotten her bridesmaid dresses. Also since everyone is in a different place, ordering online would be much more easier. All my girls would have to do is get measured, and presto--order all the dresses at one time :-) Sounds easy, huh!!!

I really liked the AfterSix Bridesmaid Dresses and narrowed it down to three choices. I had Eric, Amanda, Ilario, Mom, and my girls look at the three dress choices I had chosen and it was a unanimous vote!!!

These were the 3 dress choices, all in "Concord". My perfect pick is in here obviously, but would I just flat out tell you which one I choose, Never! So I want your opinion....which one would you have chosen to be your bridesmaid dress? And eventually, maybe I will tell you which one we are going to be ordering---or---maybe I will make everyone wait patiently for the wedding :-)


  1. I love "After Six Bridesmaid Style 6577". It's super cute and can be made into a short cocktail dress after the wedding! :)

  2. I think there are all fabulous! However, I can only choose one bridesmaid dress :-)

  3. Love bridesmaids of this style