Two Wedding Belles - Guest Wish List

I'm very happy to bring back a feature we did a few times last year that I LOVED - Guest Wish Lists!!  This week and next we have amazing ladies from even more amazing companies with, you'll never believe it. . . AMAZING Wish Lists ;o)

First up, the ever kind and sweet Jessica Kapadia of Two Wedding Belles - an Event Coordination Company in the Philadelphia/DC area!  Thank you so much, Jessica, for providing such cute things that we'll want to add to our own Wish Lists!

How excited was I when Amanda suggested I contribute to her Guest Wish List series for all you baci's blog readers out there? Super excited! I always seem to have my eye on a few items at any given time, so it was a blast to assemble them all in one place and spread the word on their loveliness.

1. What don't I love about this Kelly Green Girl bag from Alesya? It's leathery softness looks downright pillow worthy, it's just the right shade of green, and, oh yeah, it's also big enough to tote around my laptop. Is that what we call the bag trifecta? I think maybe it is. 

2. This mini binder from Russel + Hazel just simlpy needs to find it's way into my bag (maybe even the Alesya bag mentioned above?). It's small enough to take with me everywhere and even has a dry-erase inside the cover. Genius! As far as picking a color from the linen and patent cover options available. . . now that's a task I don't think I'm quite ready for. But I'll get there someday. 

3. Confession: I don't like my dining table. It's the one piece of furniture that remains from our condo's previous owner, and it just doesn't "go" with anything else in our de-luxe apartment in the sky. So of course I'm practically drooling over the Terra Dining Table from West Elm. I love the clean but substantial lines and the dark color. I guess I'd also love enough room to actually fit this table in our living space, but that'll just have to wait for another Wish List. . . ! 

4. It'll soon be time to start looking ahead to the new year out in front of us, right? What better way to flip through the months of 2012 than doing so with the uber-stylish letterpress calendar from Linda & Harriett? A big time bonus comes with this one, too: each unique design can also be used as a postcard once I say sayonara to that particular month. I have a spot on my desk that is already reserved for this baby.

Once again - a huge thank you to Jessica for her great post. . . I want, well, everything on your list ;o)  Especially that calendar - love, love, love the idea of the old months being recycled as postcards!


  1. I want that GREEN BAG!!! OMG! I think I actually NEED it! : )

  2. Lol - it does have Kate written all over it ;o)